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Live and Uncensored Monthly Membership-Updated April 2021 – David Deida

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$122 – Live and Uncensored Monthly Membership-Updated April 2021 – David Deida Download. This is a considerably sensible religious software—diving deep into sexua…

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A New Way of Learning Deep Sex and True Purpose

David Deida Live and Uncensored is an interactive, stay, on line month-to-month club software with David Deida.

This is in contrast to another on line software to be had.

This is a considerably sensible religious software—diving deep into sexual yoga, true-self presencing, and releasing love‘s untamed gifts—for women, men, and couples working towards at home…specially at some point of this time of ongoing retreat from our standard lives.

Members get special get right of entry to to newly recorded talks and trainings from David’s stay workshops and intensives. The modern audio library already carries over 24 hours of recorded fabric from David’s workshops and Live Q&A with the group, and extra content material is introduced each month.

In addition, each month, there may be a 90-minute interactive name for dialoguing with David Deida and getting solutions in your questions directly, so that you can be recorded and made to be had withinside the club web website online only.

Teachings from David Deida
Exclusively In the Recorded Talk Library:

This speak covers the foundational standards that underlie the exercise of sexual and relational yoga, including:

  • The nature of the religious Masculine and Feminine
  • The 3 levels of growth
  • Understanding the vital variations among religious exercise, art, and restoration so you understand what outcomes to assume from every exercise

This speak explores a way to remodel terrible emotions into exercise that deepens love and integrity, including:

  • Why ladies are the maximum strong shape of religious exercise for men
  • The distinction among the Masculine and Feminine attitudes closer to relationship
  • What to do whilst your man’s interest is going to different ladies
  • Why a man’s exercise is in no way sufficient for his woman, and why that’s a very good thing
  • Three levels of Feminine sexual expression

In this audio from a latest men’s retreat, David illuminates the foundations of Masculine exercise.

  • Loving the sector with out being sure through it
  • If you positioned 50% of your interest on recognition itself, all your selections might be different
  • How to domesticate instinct to manual your actions
  • Bringing deep recognition into sex
  • How to just accept your desires, enjoy them, and develop out of them
  • The essential cohesion of Masculine and Feminine

Feminine our bodies have the capacity to reply exquisitely to diffused shifts in a partner. In this audio, David coaches couples on utilizing female responsiveness to develop as a couple.

  • How to end up a gourmet of your heart’s reaction to every moment
  • How to prevent arguing approximately info and soak up her heart’s comments on how aware you’re in every moment
  • Her present is to expose you what you can’t see
  • How a training couple pulls every different ever deeper into aware love
  • How to give up into his recognition
  • Two approaches to ask greater presence out of your man

The dark side is where most of our energy resides. If we repress it, we cut off parts of ourselves that could be used to live and love more fully. In this talk, David explores how to love through the whole spectrum of our desires.

  • How to access the darker side of our nature with love
  • Using the energy of anger to love more deeply and fully
  • The conscious expression of Masculine and Feminine anger
  • How to love your partner’s anger
  • Using your anger to power your deepest gift
  • Consciously exploring dark sexual fantasies to enliven your sexual intimacy
  • How to approach dark sexual fantasies with a less adventurous partner

This talk is a compilation of David’s responses to common obstacles that practitioners encounter when bringing this work into their everyday lives, including:

  • Practicing through physical and emotional discomfort
  • How to change a habit
  • Loving your partner’s limitations
  • When to leave a relationship and how to choose a new one
  • Integrating practice into a family with children

David delves into the differences in how the Masculine and the Feminine approach the Third Stage, how to recognize when you’re nearing it, and how to go deeper rather than running away.

  • How to get through the deep depression that the Masculine encounters when it realizes that it will never find satisfaction through money, success, or any other form
  • How the Feminine realization that ‘I will never be loved enough’ is the doorway into her greatest gift to the world
  • The Masculine and Feminine gifts to one another
  • How ejaculation contributes to depression
  • How he can use her body’s intelligence as an oracle to discover his purpose

This series of talks explores how to find and attract partners who are ready to meet you at the level of depth and openness you are ready for.

  • How to handle polarity in public and avoid being creepy
  • How to choose and attract a partner who is ready for deep intimacy and conscious sex
  • When to start having sex in a new relationship
  • How to take responsibility for your energy in any situation
  • The difference between Feminine and Masculine sexual energy in public
  • Why we seek our traumas in relationship, and how to turn our patterns into growth

What do moments of intense sexual ecstasy have in common with moments of deep frustration and despair? They are the most profound opportunities for practice. In this talk, David speaks on how to use the most obstinate difficulties in our relationships to open to love, and how to stay open to conscious love during the pleasure of masturbation and sex.

  • How to transform the worst moments into opportunities for practice
  • Loving through your patterns
  • Why practice starts at your limits
  • Why your darkest sexual fantasy is the key to your spiritual practice
  • How to open beyond sexual habits into sexual art
  • Introduction to masturbatory practices for men and women
  • Having compassion for each other’s development
  • How to transform masturbation from a draining distraction to a portal to spiritual depth and intimacy with the universe

In many couples, one partner desires sex more often than the other. In this talk, David explores this dynamic in a couple and helps them achieve greater sexual depth and polarity.

  • How to kindle sexual desire
  • How to circulate your sexual energy so that you don’t become needy or demanding when your partner doesn’t want to have sex
  • Bring her beyond pleasure through third stage cunnilingus

Our darker sexual desires hold energies that, when channeled lovingly, can bring more vitality into our sex and our lives. David talks about ways to explore this dark territory in your sexual relationship.

  • Why dark sexual fantasies are enlivening
  • How to approach dark sexual fantasies with a partner
  • How to find the parts of him that you can surrender to completely – and distinguish them from the parts that you shouldn’t
  • The difference between liking “girly” things and being in your true feminine
  • How to tell whether bringing in additional sexual partners will enhance love, connection, and polarity, or diminish them

Each of us has two qualities within us: the boundless emptiness of consciousness and the effulgent pleasure of love. If each partner embodies one of these poles, we can reach deep states of ecstatic sexual communion. In this talk, David helps you bring these qualities through your body so that you can offer them to your partner and die into boundless love during sex.

  • An exercise to feel both the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine in your own body
  • Conducting the force of consciousness through your body sexually
  • How to bring full consciousness from solo practice into sex with a partner
  • What to do to help your partner deepen his consciousness in the unchanging depth of presence, or liberate her energy and flow with divine force in every cell
  • When to continue pushing your edge in practice and when to relax

This talk deepens the teachings on the play of Feminine and Masculine begun in the previous talk. David guides specific exercises you can do with a partner to move into polarity—one of you embodying the flow of love and the other the depth of being—including practices that you can use instantaneously in everyday life or in sexual intimacy when the moment calls for it.

  • The place for practice is in this and every moment
  • Instantly move past the patterns of your past and into the immediacy of presence with your partner
  • Evoke your partner’s depth without using words
  • How to use breath and body movement to increase the flow of sexual energy between you and your partner

People often ask how to find a partner who can truly meet them. But a deeper question is what qualities to cultivate in order to be attractive to your ideal partner, and how to maintain the level of depth that you yearn for. David talks about the masculine and feminine sides of attracting and keeping a partner who is capable of the intimacy that you sense is possible.

  • Why do you want a relationship in the first place?
  • What is your ideal partner looking for in a relationship?
  • Choose how to be in each moment according to your purpose for being in the relationship
  • If you find the partner you’re looking for, their standards will be just as high as yours
  • How to balance your purpose with your relationship

These teachings explore what is essential in relationships, sexuality, and sexual practice. What are the essential qualities that feminine and masculine beings desire in one another? What do you essentially want in a partner? What are the vital ingredients of sexual ecstasy that do not require an erect penis, a vagina, or any specific body part? What does sexual yoga contribute to our lives? David addresses these and other questions in this month’s audio.

  • Why learn sexual yoga? (It’s not to be happy)
  • Which aspects of sexual practice take work, and which are effortless
  • Learn to let the ache you feel become what a third stage man has been looking for his entire life
  • Why you will never find a partner who completely satisfies you, and what to look for instead
  • How to lose your erection and maintain your consciousness
  • How to stay connected with a partner who is practicing ejaculatory control
  • Combining physical and spiritual ecstasy

David seldom distributes full sexual yoga practices in recorded form. This month’s audio is a rare opportunity to experience solo and partner practices that develop your capacity to bring spiritual depth and surrender into your nervous system through the gateway of sex. These practices begin with your most potent sexual fantasy—however dark and nasty (or light and beautiful) it might be—and transform it into a vehicle to explore the deepest parts of yourself and your partner in exquisite, moment-to-moment communion.

  • How to serve open your partner and the world through your darkest fantasy
  • The essential masculine and feminine sexual gifts
  • How would you move in her so she surrendered open to the divine alive in her own heart?
  • How would you receive him so that he loved more than he ever has, so that he had no choice but to give you the part he’s always held back?

In this month’s audio David responds to obstacles and experiences that arose during the practice shared last month, including:

  • The essential purpose of the practice
  • How to overcome awkwardness when bringing an exercise into the bedroom
  • The importance of going slow
  • Establish yourself in the result of the practice before you begin
  • The two types of shutdown that can occur during practice, and how to respond to each
  • What do crying or laughing during practice mean?
  • The only thing she cares about
  • How to serve open your partner and the world through your darkest fantasy

When we come up against our own physical or emotional limitations, there is a temptation to move our focus to the limitations and work on them until we think they’re gone. In these tracks, David offers another possibility. There is a part of each of us that can’t be hampered by limitations. David guides us to find that place and offer the art of loving presence through our limits.

  • Why part of you will never be good enough, and why that doesn’t matter
  • Integrating pure awareness with emotion
  • Allowing your partner to guide you deeper than you can go by yourself
  • How to use dirty talk to experience the full range of sexuality, even if you think you’re bad at it
  • Two ways to integrate practices into your life
Since we have a lot of courses in stock, if you cannot find your favorite course, please let us know. To search for other courses and discounts available, let's have a conversation! What are you waiting for?

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Live and Uncensored Monthly Membership-Updated April 2021 – David Deida
Live and Uncensored Monthly Membership-Updated April 2021 – David Deida


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