Mesmerism and Hypnosis -The Master Course – Dr. Michael Werner

Best seller Mesmerism and Hypnosis -The Master Course - Dr. Michael Werner

$42 $147

Mesmerism and Hypnosis -The Master Course – Dr. Michael Werner
Mesmerism and Hypnosis -The Master Course – Dr. Michael Werner
$42 $147
Update - February, 2023Mesmerism and Hypnosis -The Master Course – Dr. Michael Werner
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Powerful Mesmerism and Hypnosis techniques rediscovered

Dr. Michael Werner – Leader of the Hypno-Training Institute

Dr. phil. in psychology, certified hypnotist, hypnosis trainer, Mesmerist and Concentrateur

Founder of one of the leading hypnosis schools in Austria/ Europe, the home country of Mesmer and Freud and the birth place of hypnosis.

Presenter at Hypnothoughts Live 2017, 2018 and 2022 in Las Vegas, NV.

Rare known techniques from the Old World –

faster and better results

After 10 years of research all over the world, Dr. Michael Werner and his team say: “There is a missing link in hypnosis nowadays.”

In former times hypnosis was a mainly nonverbal method. There are very powerful old techniques that are rarely known and we have rediscovered them.

In Italy, we have learned fast nonverbal hypnosis techniques, in Austria and Germany, we have followed the traces of Mesmer.

In France, we have studied the work of the Marquis of Puysegur and his artificial somnambulism and the ideas of Abbé Faria.

And now, we know the ancient secrets of hypnosis and maybe soon you will know them too…

The combination of these old methods with modern techniques will be a “supercharger” for your hypnosis work.


Learn the most powerful and successful form of hypnosis

 reach deeper trance states

 get better and faster results

 learn the ancient secrets of “real” hypnosis

 learn the techniques of the Mesmerists

instant healing and change

more success = more clients = more profit

 can also be used as a stand-alone method

 become a better hypnotist (a “hypnosis rockstar”)

Content of the MASTER COURSE:

Complete PDF-Manual

  • Video 1: Introduction
  • Video 2: Basics and definitions of Mesmerism, Magnetism and Fascination
  • Video 3: How to build instant rapport within seconds
  • Video 4: Preset and the power of gaze (Fascination)
  • Video 5: Nonverbal and mesmeristic inductions
  • Video 6: Deep trance (mesmeric or healing crisis) and the self healing state
  • Video 7: How to increase your personal hypnotic power
  • Video 8: Combination of old methods with modern ones
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